Angling Success And Recreational Use On Twelve State-Owned Lakes In Oklahoma

Twelve state-owned lakes in Oklahoma were surveyed in 1965 to obtain data on sport fishing and recreational use. The lakes were virtually unmanaged and ranged in size from 26 to 180 surface acres. This project was designed to provide a basis for future management. Data was calculated on an I.B.M. 7040 computer. Average harvest in pounds per acre ranged from 22 to 107, with fishing pressure ranging from 138 to 622 hours per acre. The catch consisted mainly of largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, bullheads, redear sunfish and bluegill sunfish. Most of the fishing effort was expended from April through October. Other recreational use consisted mainly of sight-seeing, camping and picnicking. This usage rivaled fishing in number of participants on most lakes.

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