Preliminary Report On Methods For Rearing Striped Bass, Roccus Saxatilis (Walbaum), Fingerlings

Striped bass, Roccus saxatilis (Walbaum), fingerlings were stocked in five ponds, three sections of a water control canal, and 14 metal troughs. In trough experiments Purina Trout Chow was found not to contain all nutrients needed for rapid growth of fingerling striped bass. Pond experiments indicated that fathead minnows are among the preferred forage species. Mortality among trough-reared fish was 14.7 percent. Over a 16-week period, increases in total length averaged 70.6 mm for fish reared in troughs and 54.9 mm for fish in a fed pond. In ponds stocked with redfin pickerel (Esox americanus americanus Gmelin) and Tilapia sp., increases in total length of striped bass averaged 51.8 mm in 14 weeks. Aquaria tests indicated that tetracycline hydrochloride is effective against columnaris disease at a concentration of 15 ppm for 72 hours. Preliminary results indicate that striped bass can be successfully reared in troughs on dry feeds.

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