A Tag Comparison Study of Largemouth Bass in their Natural Environment

One thousand three hundred and forty-six largemouth bass were captured, tagged, and released in nineteen bodies of water throughout the State of Florida. Spaghetti, Petersen disc, and Monel metal strap tags were the principal tags employed. All fish caught by anglers were returned to the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission for information regarding growth rates of which negative data was obtained. Comparisons were made of the percent returns of each of the three tags represented, plus the Spaghetti tag was compared in two different locations on the fish. The external effects on the recaptured fish showed 258 either slight or heavy infections caused by the initial tag wound or by irritations of mechanical, chemical or biological origin. This study was made in conjunction with the Florida State-wide Fish Tagging Program Sponsored by the Schlitz Brewing Company.

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