Observations on Control of Vegetation in Lake Catilerine Using Israeli Carp and a Fall and Winter Drawdown

Due to a combination of factors, Lake Catherine, a 3,000 - acre reservoir which had never known a vegetation problem, suddenly became congested with rooted aquatic vegetation in 1960. The vegetation, mostly coontail, Ceratophyllum demersum,and Elodea sp., could be controlled with chemicals and consequently various chemicals were used by the riparian property owners on small localized areas. However, for the larger, main body of the lake, chemical herbicides were considered too expensive to be practical. In October 1960 the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was petitioned both by the sportsmen in the area, the riparian property owners, and the Arkansas Power and Light Company (owners of the dam and reservoir), to advance a plan for the control of the vegetation. The formulation and the carrying out of that plan is discussed, with emphasis on the combination of two biological methods of control

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