Age and Growth of the Smallmouth Bass Micropterus Dolomieui Lacepede in Arkansas

The age and growth of the smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieui Lacepede, was studied using the scale method. The bass were collected over a three-year period (1962 through 1964) from 51 locations in 32 streams in three drainages throughout the smalImouth's range in Arkansas and from one location in Missouri. A computer was utilized in determining the mathematical relationship between scale growth and body growth for all specimens used in the study and in comparing the growth of bass collected from the various drainages, streams, and locations in streams. No significant differences in bass growth among the three drainage basins nor among the streams within each basin were detected. Bass growth was found to vary significantly among the various locations within streams indicating that for the bass studied the specific habitat was the important factor influencing growth. A growth summary by location based on the back-calculated lengths of 1145 smallmouth bass is presented. Age composition is also discussed.

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