Results of Creel Census on Fourth North Louisiana Lakes

Four lakes representing widely different types but of generally comparable size are compared from the standpoint of sustained angler harvest. The range in size is from 1000 acres to 2200 acres, in age from 5 years to 30 years, and from an artificial impoundment to a cut off stream channel. All four lakes are dependent to a large extent on the metropolitan area of Monroe, Louisiana for their fishing public. The catch rate varied from 0.4 pounds per hour on Bayou DeBiard to 1.2 pounds per hour on Bussey Lake. The yield varied from a high of 215 pounds per acre on Bussey Lake to a low of 14 pounds per acre on Lafourche Lake. A general description of the four lakes is presented including comments as to the adequacy of the boat rental facilities and access points. The impact of these factors on the harvest is discussed. Heavy fishing pressure on the lakes under study did not cause a marked reduction in the catch per hour. Rotenone samples indicate little change in the standing crop during the period of the study. It is concluded that these lakes could all withstand much heavier fishing pressure and still yield acceptable catch rates.

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