Creel Census on Bussey Brake Reservoir for the First Three Years

Bussey Brake Reservoir is a 2,200-acre impoundment located in northeast Louisiana near Bastrop, Louisiana. This lake was stocked by the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission in 1959. It was opened to public fishing on April 30, 1960. Creel data collected through April, 1963, are reported. Fishing pressure varied from 46,000 to 59,000 fisherman trips per year during this period. From 91 to 109 man-hours were spent per acre to catch 76 to 102 pounds of fish per acre. The success ratio varied from 1.74 to 2.29 fish per hour. The fish averaged 0.37 to 0.53 pounds. The average size of fish increased and the fishing success declined, but was high throughout the three-year period. With continued extensive usage· of the lake, harvest rates of the same general magnitude should be possible for several years.

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