Further Experiments On Feeds For Fathead Minnows

Fathead minnows averaging 1.74 pounds per thousand were stocked into ponds January 21 at rates of 100,000 per acre, and fed 6 days a week until the ponds were drained April 1. The feeds were 3 forms of Auburn NO.2 fish feed, namely, dry mix, crumbles, %-inch diameter pellets, and a commercial trout pellet. The ingredients of the Auburn No.2 fish feed were: 35 Percent Soybean Oil Meal . . . . . (44 percent protein) 35 Percent Ground Peanut Cake . . . . . (53 percent protein) 15 Percent Fish Meal . . . . . (60 percent protein) 15 Percent Distillers Dried Solubles . . . . . (24 percent protein) The composition of the Auburn No.2 fish feed was 46 percent protein, 26 percent carbohydrate, and 5 percent fat. The analysis of the trout ration was 43 percent protein, 20 percent nitrogen-free extract, 3.25 percent fat, and 4 percent fiber. The initial daily feeding rate was 3 percent of the body weight of the fish for the period January 22 to March 2. Twice the initial weight of feed was used from March 3 until March 31. No fertilizers were used during these experiments. The gains in weights of fish from all ponds fed the Auburn No.2 feeds were significantly greater than the average gain in weight of fish fed the commercial trout ration. There were no significant differences in gains among the fish fed the 3 forms of Auburn No.2 feed, nor in survival among the 4 treatments.

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