How Fish Population Surveys Should Be Reported

To facilitate the evaluation and use of population studies, reports should include: 1. A description of the area sampled, including the chemical classification and physical type of water, the type of bottom, depth of water, speed of movement and other information necessary to describe the environment from which the population came. 2. A description of the method of sampling employed in sufficient detail to enable the results to be evaluated and compared with results of other surveys. 3. Methods of measuring the results should be stated. The report should state if an attempt was made to recover fishes of all sizes, and if all fish were weighed or partly weighed and partly estimated. Such information is necessary for evaluation of the reliability of the results. 4. The population composition should be listed by species, with the numbers and weights of fish in each inch-group. A summary of the population should state the pounds per acre where possible, the At value, the F/C ratio, and the E values of the component species to facilitate comparisons with other populations containing the same or different species of fishes. 5. The author should summarize and interpret the results in so far as possible.

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