Growth Rates of the White Crappie, Pomoxis Annularis, In Kentucky Lake

During a series of netting studies conducted on Kentucky Lake, scale samples were collected from the white crappie that were harvested. Age and growth data was computed for 925 individuals of this species. These data showed that the white crappie in this impoundment reached a length of 4.63 inches at the end of the first year, 7.87 inches at the end of the second, 10.44 inches at the completion of the third year's growth, and 11.86 inche as at the end of the fourth. The oldest fishes examined during the study were in their sixth year, and had attained an average length of 12.76 inches at the completion of their fifth year's growth. The relationship of length to weight is expressed by the formula: W = CLn, or in this instance: Log W = 3.7664 + 3.4566 Log L. This formula was used in determining each of the calculated weights.

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